Copal Incense Sticks


Description: These hand-made incense sticks are made with pure copal resin that is rolled onto a carbon stick and reed. The name Copal comes from the name in the Nahualtly language “Copalli” which means resin or sacred incense. It has been used for centuries by indigenous people of Mexico and Central America during ceremonies, cleanses, smudging, healing rituals, and in Mexico they burn it on the Day of the Dead to purify the souls of the spirits and to elevate the prayers of friends and family to God.

Each sticks burns approximately 90 minutes. It is not necessary to burn the whole stick at once since it burns for so long and can become to smoky for a smaller indoor space so to put it our for reuse simply break off the tip into a heat proof bowl or incense burner and save the used piece for another time.

Weight 8 g


White Copal (Bipnnata Burser) (BIPINNATA BURSERA)

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