Will you stay open?

Yes and No…

Our retail location in Plaza Conchal will be closed until further notice.

Our factory and retail location at the Garden Plaza will continue to have regular store hours from Monday to Friday 9:00am — 5:00pm.

Do you have an online store?


We do have a website, but since the majority of our website orders were international orders we only had our handmade Alegria products available. BUT we know how much you all love not only our skin care products but also our incenses, smudging supplies, candles, etc. so we are working to add our entire retail store to our website. Please give us a few more days until all the new items are uploaded — we will keep you posted!

Do you offer a delivery service?


We are going to be offering free delivery service to all of the surrounding areas for orders over $25.00! Purchases under $25.00 will have a $5.00 delivery service fee.

Delivery service times:

  • Playa Tamarindo: Monday — Friday, 9:00am -5:00pm
  • Villa Real, Playa Grande, Brasilito, Flamingo and Potrero: Friday, 12:00pm — 5:00pm
  • Villa Real, Playa Avellanas and Negra: Saturday, 12:00pm — 5:00pm

All of our products have been added to the Tico to Go menu so you can now order through our website at or at .

All other orders will be shipped using our regular shipping method using the post office, Correos de Costa Rica.

Are you offering special discounts?


We are offering a 15% discount if you order online. You can pre-order and pick up at our factory location from Monday — Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm or choose one of our delivery services.

We will be offering a 10% discount in our retail location on all cash purchases.

Can I still pick up my order at the factory?


You can pre-order on our website and pick it up during our business hours, Monday to Friday, 9:00am —5:00pm. So if you are coming to get your groceries at the Auto Mercado, don’t forget to place your order online before you leave, this way all you have to do is pass by and we will hand you your order already packaged. The bonus is you will get a 15% discount by ordering online!

How can Alegria Soap Shop & Factory help lessen the curve of the COVID-19?

We are taking every precaution to adhere to strict sanitization procedures, monitor our health, and practice social distancing at all times.

Do natural soaps work as well as something I might find in a grocery store or pharmacy?


All of our soaps will effectively remove germs, bacteria, and viruses from your hands and body. They are all natural, biodegradable, and work to keep your hands and body clean.  We have been making soap since we first opened in 2002, 18 years ago! We carry over 15 scents of soap for all different skin types: dry, oily, or normal skin.

Our soaps do not contain an antibacterial agent, but you don’t need one to get your hands germ, bacteria and virus-free.

How do I wash my hands properly?

  1. Wet your hands with running water.
  2. Apply enough soap to cover hands
  3. Scrub all surfaces of hands, including the back of hands, between fingers and under nails.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with running water.
  5. Dry hands with a clean cloth or single-use towel.

You should wash your hands for at least 20-30 seconds. An easy way to time it is by singing the full happy birthday song, twice. 😉

Will you still be refilling candles?


You can drop off your candle pot that needs to be refilled at the factory location and we will send you a text or email when it is ready for pick up. Payment can be made when you come to pick it up as usual.

How are you giving back to the community?

We are accepting donations in $1.00 increments. For every dollar donated, we will donate one hand soap plus $0.25 cash to one of the organizations that are in our surrounding area that is offering relief efforts for families in need.

Thank you to everyone in our community who has been working to help the families who have lost their income due to the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus.